Dominic Duval

Linux Administration

Need to deploy Linux servers? Upgrade important systems? Architect your new environment? I've been relying on Linux since 1995 for mission-critical systems.

Software Development

You have ideas but don't have the skills to implement them in software? As a graduate in Software Engineering I can help with software design, implementation, deployment and support.

Performance Optimization

Performance optimization is more than a skill for me. It's my specialty. Years of consulting at Red Hat and exposure to the toughest problems on Wall Street turned me into a pro at diagnosing speed-related issues.

Trading Infrastructure

High performance computing often rhymes with High Frequency trading. I've done both and can identify/eliminate the bottlenecks that will stop your firm from winning the low latency race.

Problem Solving

I'm an engineer. Bring a challenge and I'll come up with creative ways to solve it. Software, mechanical parts, electronics, FPGA's, breadboards, soldering, nothing scares me. I find innovative ways to get stuff done.


I started teaching technology classes in University and taught over 100 classes since then. Need to learn something? I'll gladly share my knowledge.

Delivering is Everything.